OUR Philosophy

We are a Little Rock based creamery making small batch ice cream, fizzy sodas, and other sweet treats. Our inspirations are the lush gardens, energetic markets, and artisan producers of Arkansas. Loblolly Creamery builds every recipe from the ground up, using fresh, seasonal ingredients, without the use of any premixes, preservatives, and artificial stabilizers. Our ice cream reflects our community-oriented perspective and local tastes, featuring flavors such as Arkansas Motley Farm Pumpkin Patch Ice Cream, Barnhill Strawberry Buttermilk, Rock Town Bourbon Pecan, and Dunbar Garden Fresh Lavender.  At the Scoop Shop, you will find everything made from scratch, such as house-made gluten-free cones, seasonal handcrafted sodas, buttercream macarons, milkshakes, and decadent ice cream sandwiches. Here's to Arkansas Handcrafted Happiness!



The team of scoopers, ice cream churners, pastry chefs, delivery drivers, and directors at Loblolly are as diverse and fun as our flavors!  We are a family of friends and colleagues who are united by a common vision: to make Loblolly the best ice cream in town (check) and bring Little Rock joy, one scoop at a time!  To us, bringing our city joy is as much about making great ice cream with ingredients from our community as supporting and respecting each other, and most importantly, treating our customers like members of this family we're having fun creating!

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The Loblolly Creamery Ice Cream Bar is one of Little Rock's favorite community gathering places. We know that ice cream shops are where memories are made, traditions are created, and ice cream-induced smiles abound.  We also like to give back to our neighborhood by partnering with non-profits and making donations. Visit our Non-profits page for more information.